Prototype Unity3D #1

Unity prototypes #1

Here are some of the prototypes I have been working on lately.
I started with a simple idea of chain reactions with light switching to make a puzzle game, but my first attempts are not very satisfying. It’s not easy to design challenges that are not trivial and not too hard to solve, and above all it has to be fun of course !

Pong on PS Vita

In order to get a first game development experience, I created a simple Pong game running on the latest handheld from Sony : the PlayStation Vita.


PlayStation Mobile

I used the “PlayStation Mobile” SDK that relies on Mono and C# code. This is one of the main reason I chose this platform, given my prior C# knowledge. The downside is that code runs in a VM so you can’t really access the Vita’s full power, but it is not concern or a simple game like Pong.